Lime green nail polish is fun!

Wear what makes you happy!

Are you the type of woman who doesn't care what other people think about you? At least when it comes to your personal style? Do you exude confidence and love to wear attention-grabbing pieces? If so, this brand is for you! I was always that girl who wore what I wanted, when I wanted. This applies to more than clothes. Right now I'm writing this post with lime green nail polish. I was sitting in the nail shop yesterday looking at the shiny rainbow of sample colors. You know how that goes right? It can be so hard to choose a color! I found the brightest green. It was attention grabbing and bold. I knew it was what I needed for a fun little pick me up. My next thought was..."my man won't like them!" Did that stop me? Hell no! He usually smirks at some of my fashion choices but is happy as long as I am. Later that evening, I FaceTimed my mom. My nails flashed into the view of the camera. Her first reaction, "Wow. Your nails are bright!" She didn't like them and I knew it. I was proud of my lime green nails. I laughed and told her "I think they are SO CUTE!". They make me smile and that's all that matters. The bright, attention grabbing color lifts my spirit and goes well with my tan skin. TO ME, they are the perfect summer nail color, and that is all that matters. DO YOU GIRL!
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